before & after: super old bar chairs

so, i recently moved into a 1 bedroom in ypsi. i love it and my mom got a me a fancy kitchen island for my birthday - i've been eying it for months :) mmm... oak work top....

needless to say, it requires bar chairs make it complete. however, i'm not going to drop 50 bucks per chair, ikea, so i needed another solution. thus: old bar chairs from the basement that we've had since my mom was a kid, probably purchased from a sears & roebuck catalog...

before & after

the seat is a deluxe plastic-coated wicker wrapped around a bamboo? frame. the stand is.. metal of some kind.

so, i popped over to lowes and picked up the most eco-unfriendly canned solution - appliance spray paint for the stand, plastic spray paint for the seat.

(hey, at least they're not in the landfill or confined to the basement)

Now, they look much nicer! The stands are protected from rust for another hundred years and next i'll need to make some hip seat pads from scrap fabric and scrap pillow stuffins, because that plastic-y wicker certainly gets to the buns.

that's another post..


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calendars for backgrounds

i'm not all that into valentimes day, but i really love the colors of this season...

i'll be making these for each month - you can download them for your computer background or print it out :)